P&G Research Advisory Group looks for well-rounded personalities from diverse backgrounds, whose experiences and perspective add to our team of senior and associated consultants. Specifically, applicants should distinguish themselves through their:

  • Ability to think creatively and constructively to solve problems under a deadline

  • Knowledge of complex organisations and correct judgment of business situations

  • Strong communication skills and analytical competence

  • People skills for interaction with team members and multiple stakeholders on the client side

  • Willingness to learn from their colleagues and explore new fields of action

P&G supports the setting of technological, industrial, trade and export strategies, identifying sectors of strategic growth and providing policy advice to public and private organisations. Economic commitments and hindrances to change within organisations that seek our help make our work at the same time challenging and rewarding. To find solutions we combine our broad experience with a readiness to think beyond conventional wisdom.

Currently we have no vacancies, but we are always on the lookout for talent. If you are interested in being considered for future openings, send your CV to: