Global Perspective

Many of the activities of P&G have been developed at the international level, and not only in the European Union (EU) but also in North and South America, Northern Africa and parts of Asia, including emerging and developing countries.

The experience of P&G in advice, evaluation and management of International Programmes related to innovation covers R&D&i Framework Programmes in the EU, ALA, BRITE-EURAM, BICs NETWORK, COMEX, CORFO-INNOVA (Chile), ECIP, ENVIREG, ESPRIT, EULANEST, EVALUATION, IMT, IMC-GoE (Egypt), INNOVATION, INNOVEX, IRCs NETWORK, JOPP, MEDA, MONITOR, NTA (USA-US), PHARE, RIS/RITTS, SAST, STANDARDS M&T, TACIS, TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY, TRANSPORT, VALOREN and VALUE, as well as assistance to IRDAC.

At the international level, P&G has also revised EUREKA-Biotechnology, has conducted technological cooperation projects with Canada, USA, Japan and Korea, and has worked in several industrial and innovation plans in Spain both at the state level, and at regional and local levels, having taken part in the design of several national industrial plans, including the national environmental protection plan for the industry (PITMA).